Past Events

The list below is an archive of our past events. 

Past Dinners

United States

Atlanta, Georgia, USA — April 10, 2016
Dragibus Magazine & PsyAtlanta Fundraiser for MAPS 

Austin, Texas, USA — April 30, 2016
Psychedelic Progression! 

Austin, Texas — April 7, 2017
Psychedelic Dinner 

Austin, Texas, USA — May 1, 2016
Wyatt's Psychedelic Snacks

Bloomington, Indiana, USA — April 20, 2016
End the Drug War with Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) 

Boston, Massachusetts, USA — April 16, 2016
Tufts Fundraiser for MAPS-MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy Dinner 

Brattleboro, Vermont, USA — April 25, 2016
Global Psychedelic Dinner at Fireworks Restaurant 

Buffalo, New York, USA — May 14, 2016
Western NY Psychedelic Dinner 

Chicago, Illinois, USA — April 23, 2016
Chicago Meetup for Psychedelics and the Future of Psychiatry 

Clearwater, Florida, USA — April 23, 2016
Global Psychedelic Dinner 

Cleveland, Ohio, USA — April 25, 2016
Global Psychedelic Dinner Fundraiser for MAPS 

Columbus, Ohio, USA — January 17, 2016
Global Psychedelic Dinner

Essex, Montana, USA — April 30, 2016
Peak Experiences (Dinner and Discussion)

Eugene, Oregon, USA — April 17, 2016
Global Psychedelic Dinners in Eugene

Fairview, Oregon, USA — April 16, 2016
Dinner Party and Fundraiser 

Fort Meyers, Florida — April 5, 2017
Global Psychedelic Dinner at Florida Gulf Coast University – Sugden Hall

Fort Worth, Texas, USA — April 23, 2016
MDMA Therapy for PTSD Fundraiser 

Fremont, California — April 22, 2017
Fremont Psychedelic Dinner: Discussion, Fundraising, Advocacy 

Gainesville, Florida, USA — April 30, 2016
Fundraising for MDMA in the Florida Humidity 

Jenner, California, USA — April 16, 2016
Russian House Fundraising for Global Psychedelic Dinners

Kensington, California, USA — April 16, 2016
Fundraiser for MAPS MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Potluck Dinner 

Levittown, Pennsylvania, USA — November 11, 2016
Beneficial Soul Enhancement 

Los Angeles, California, USA — April 17, 2016
Aware Project, LAMPS, SCPRS Fundraising for Global Psychedelic Dinners 

Madison, Wisconsin, USA — December 4, 2016
Global Psychedelic Dinner

Miami, Florida, USA — April 30, 2016
Psychedelic Dinner: A Gourmet, Out of the Ordinary Experience 

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA — April 17, 2016
Global Psychedelic Dinner in Minneapolis 

Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA — April 23, 2016
MAPS Fundraising Dinner: Erasing the Stigma Behind Psychedelics 

New Orleans, Lousiana, USA — April 14, 2016
Shape the Future - Fundraiser Dinner to Support MDMA Therapy for PTSD 

New York, New York, USA — April 7, 2016
NYC Global Psychedelic Dinner with Evolver/The Alchemist's Kitchen, Drug Policy Alliance, Psychedelic Education & Continuing Care Program, Center for Optimal Living, Brooklyn Psychedelic Society, East Meets West Medicine Fest, Psymposia, The Love Shack, and Consciousness Hacking NYC 

Oakland, California, USA — April 17, 2016
MAPS 30th Anniversary Banquet and Celebration 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA — July 9, 2016
Pittsburgh Psychedelic Dinner

Portland, Oregon, USA — October, 2017
Psychedelic Dinner PDX 

Portland, Oregon, USA — April 25, 2016
Portland Psychedelic Gathering: Fundraiser for MAPS

Portland, Oregon, USA — April 30, 2016
Psychedelic Dinner of PDX: Benefit to Medicalize MDMA

Portland, Oregon, USA — May 25, 2016
1st Annual Portland Psychedelic Extravaganza and MAPS Global Psychedelic Dinner 

Queens, New York, USA — May 6, 2016
Psychedelic Fundraiser | MAPS

Richmond, Vermont, USA — May 7, 2016
UniVermont: Fundraiser Pot Luck for MAPS + Psymposia After Party! 

Roxborough, Philadelphia, USA — April 9, 2016
Fundraising Dinner for MAPS 

San Francisco, California, USA — July 7, 2016
San Francisco Global Psychedelic Dinner 

San Jose, California, USA — April 24, 2016
Nadia & Dmitry Fundraising for Global Psychedelic Dinners

Santa Cruz, California, USA — April 22, 2016
Santa Cruz Dinner Funding Psychedelic Science 

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA — April 29, 2016
Jamie's Psychedelic Dinner

West Philadelphia, Philadelphia, USA — April 23, 2016
West Philly for Psychedelic Research Potluck


Melbourne, Australia — April 8, 2016
Melbourne Psychedelic Research Seminar & Dinner


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — April 24, 2016
Lighten Up (Dinner and Discussion)

London, Ontario, Canada — April 16, 2016
Help MAPS Make MDMA a Legal Treatment 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada — April 30, 2016
McGill CSSDP Fundraising for Global Psychedelic Dinners 

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada — April 17, 2016
Global Psychedelic Dinner in Ottawa 

Toronto, ON, Canada — November 26, 2016
Toronto West End Psychedelic Dinner

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — April 22, 2016
Psychedelic Dinner Theater - Cowboy Mouth Performance

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada — April 28, 2016
CTR Global Psychedelic Dinner — Victoria BC 


Cologne, Germany — April 16, 2016
Unterstützung der Erforschung entheogener und empathogener Substanzen zu therapeutischen Zwecken

Uhldingen, Weinbergstr, Germany — April 30, 2016
Psychedelic Dinner 


Dublin, Ireland — April 28, 2016
Psychedelic Supper 


Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico — May 20, 2016
Global Psychedelic Dinner of Mexico

New Zealand

Dunedin, New Zealand — April 19, 2016
Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) Otepoti Psychedelic Dinner 


Amsterdam, Netherlands — April 17, 2016
Global Psychedelic Dinner 


Lisbon, Portugal — April 21, 2016
Global Psychedelic Dinner in Lisbon 


Borovoe Village, Russia — April 23, 2016
Dinner for MAPS 


Stockholm, Sweden — April 23, 2016
Psychedelic Dinner med Nätverket för psykedelisk vetenskap 

United Kingdom

Stroud, Gloucestershire, England — March 18, 2017
Psychedelic Equinox Party 

Cardiff, Wales, UK — April 16, 2016
Dinner for MAPS 

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