Welcome, and thank you for being part of the Global Psychedelic Dinners. Please enjoy the conversation suggestions below. Feel free to use as many or as few of these suggestions as you'd like. Thank you for joining the global community of people working to end the stigma surrounding psychedelics and raise funds for making MDMA-assisted psychotherapy a legal treatment.


Something to whet the appetite. Get to know your community, share why you came, and discover what you might have in common.

Getting to Know You: Who are you, and what brought you to the gathering? Why are you excited about psychedelic research, and is there an area you are particularly interested in?

Touching Base: What do you know about current psychedelic research? How did first learn about MAPS?

Prepare for Take-Off: Do you know people who have benefited from the careful use of psychedelics? Do you know anyone who struggles with PTSD or addiction? What, if any, psychedelic experiences have you had in the past? Do you feel they were positive, difficult, or some combination of both?

The star of the gathering. Dig deep and share your own experiences. Find out if others have had similar experiences. Explore what happens when we're not afraid to share our experiences.

Everybody Knows Someone: Do you have friends, neighbors, or relatives with PTSD? Have you heard of people who have benefited from psychedelic therapy?

Lend a Helping Hand: How have psychedelics helped you, or people you know? Why do you support making psychedelic therapy a legal treatment? How have you participated, or plan to participate in the Global Psychedelic Dinners?

Nothing Like the First Time: What was your first experience with psychedelics? What did you learn from that experience, and how did you grow?

Let There Be Light: Do you know anyone who has been harmed as a result of prohibitionist drug policies? How could current laws surrounding psychedelics and marijuana be changed to support their safe and beneficial uses?

Not Always Butterflies and Roses: Have you or anyone you know had a difficult experience with psychedelics? Could the Zendo Project or other harm reduction service have helped? What resources or support would have helped?

You Might Want to Sit Down for This: Have you had challenging conversations about psychedelics? How do you talk to people about psychedelics, who aren’t open to the topic?

It’s Bigger Than You and Me: Do psychedelics have a role in your culture? If so, what is their role? Have you experienced cultures where the role of psychedelics was different?

Interesting topics to supplement the main course. Mix, match, and create your own customized conversations.

Psychedelics and Therapy: What impact could psychedelics have on conventional therapy?

Psychedelics and Creativity: Can psychedelics affect creativity?

Psychedelics and Spirituality: What role do you see psychedelics having in regard to spirituality or religion?

Psychedelics and Parenting: Have psychedelics had an impact on the way you parent, or on your parents?

Psychedelics and the Betterment of Well People: What benefits could well people experience from the careful use of psychedelics?

Psychedelics and Microdosing: Is there potential scientific, medical, spiritual, or personal value in using smaller doses of psychedelics?

Psychedelics and Policy: How could making psychedelic therapy legal contribute to ending the drug war?

Something sweet to close the gathering and stimulate further connections. Show your gratitude for your community and yourself for making your Global Psychedelic Dinner a success.

Lend a Healing Hand: Do you know someone who has benefited or healed from the use of psychedelics? Do you know someone who could?

Give Thanks: Say thank you to the guests and host by sharing something you’re grateful for, and something you appreciated that someone else shared.

Share Your Gift: What is your 30th anniversary present to MAPS? If you're comfortable doing so, let others know how much you've donated or how much you've raised from your network, and why you choose to give.

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