Host a Global Psychedelic Dinner

Gather Your Community and Make Psychedelic Therapy a Legal Treatment

We invite you to gather your friends, family, and colleagues for your own Global Psychedelic Dinner. You'll join a worldwide community of people participating—in person and online—in the global movement to make psychedelic therapy a legal treatment.

The Global Psychedelic Dinners are a chance for you to gather your community, share why you support psychedelic science and medicine, and raise funds for MAPS’ purchase of one kilogram of pharmaceutical grade MDMA for our U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Phase 3 clinical trials. By personalizing your own fundraising page and inviting your friends, family, and colleagues to attend and donate to your dinner, you'll be helping make MDMA a legal medicine.

Your Global Psychedelic Dinner can be anything you want it to be, from a handful of close friends in your home or a picnic on the beach to a larger gathering in a private or public venue. You can prepare a delicious meal, make it a potluck, order delivery, meet for a picnic, or reserve space at a restaurant—it's your choice. Any way you serve it, you're helping develop psychedelics into safe and legal treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other conditions.


Once you register as a Dinner Host, we'll send you a free Host Pack. Your Host Pack is filled with everything you need to host your dinner including the Official Host Guide, plus dinner ideas, tips, and fundraising materials such as stickers, pledge cards, and a donation box to use at your event.

To save time and mailing costs, you can print your own Global Psychedelic Dinner materials at home. Download the digital Host Pack.



1. Plan your dinner

Register to be a host, then pick a date and set the location. You might choose to ask for online donations beforehand, set a suggested donation as an entry fee, or ask people to donate after sharing their own story of why psychedelic science matters to them. If you need some creative inspiration, we have a Conversation Menu to help. You'll also receive a Host Pack after you register.

2. Promote your dinner

Create your own fundraising page on Razoo with the details of your Global Psychedelic Dinner. Then invite your community to attend via e-mail or social media! Even if people can't attend, they can still donate to your dinner.

3. Host your dinner

Enjoy your community coming together, share psychedelic stories, and celebrate how much you've raised for psychedelic therapy research! Try to make sure you’ve collected as many of the funds as possible before the event, so you can relax and enjoy it.

4. Send in your funds

Make your efforts count. Once your dinner is over, return the money you have raised together with MAPS.

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